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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Is the program open to retail agents and wholesale brokers?
All programs are open to agents and brokers nationwide.
How many users can we have?
You can have as many users as you need. Since everything is done on line or by email, it is important that the person entering the info is the person we should deal with. All emails will be sent to the email address on the application.
Can you backdate coverage?
There is no backdating of coverage allowed. The system will not accept a date prior to today’s date and there is no override.
What is the definition of habitational for the OCP?
Any building that has a bed for example, prison, hotel, dorm etc.
Are the markets admitted?
Yes, Mid Continent Casualty Company for the OCP, Hudson Insurance Company or Westchester Fire Insurance Company for the Railroad Protective, Greenwich Insurance Company for the Pollution and a member of the Chubb Group for the Builders' Risk and Contractors' Equipment.
What states can you write in?
For the OCP all states except AK, DC, HI, NY, and WA. For the Railroad Protective, Pollution, Builders Risk and Contractors Equipment we can write in all 50 states.
Can I get optional quotes for different limits etc?
Yes, by going to your unbound quotes and clicking on edit you can get as many optional quotes as you need for that project.
How soon will I receive a policy?
The Builders' Risk and Contractors' Equipment policies are issued by the carrier and are usually emailed to you in a few days. The Owners & Contractors Protective Liability Policy, Railroad Protective Liability Policy, and the Pollution policies are issued online when you bind coverage and are available immediately along with the invoice. For the railroad policies issued by Westchester Fire Insurance Company the invoice will be issued online, but the policy will be emailed to you when it is received from the carrier.
How soon is the premium due?
The premium is due and payable at inception. We wait 10 days before sending you an intent to cancel. If the premium is not received within the time frame allowed by the intent to cancel, a direct notice of cancellation for nonpayment of premium will be sent to the first named insured.
What is the overnight address for payment?
1285 Drummers Lane, Suite 305
Wayne, PA 19087.
How are renewals handled?
  • Contractor’s Equipment click the Contractors Equipment section, go to existing policies and quote and/or renew the policy. You will receive the binder and invoice and the policy will be emailed when it is issue.
  • Renewable CPL – complete the renewal application on the website to quote and bind the renewal policy. The policy and invoice will be issued on line.
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